Please forgive my heart

Bobby Womack — “Please forgive my heart” — Álbum: The Bravest Man in The Universe (2012; Damon Alburn na produção)

“I could try to say I’m sorry
But then won’t be quite enough
To get you know pain that I feel
And it just won’t let up
Oh, it feels like the sky is falling
And the clouds, clouds are falling in
When I lose control, when it all begin.

Please, forgive my heart,
Cause not that the problems
lies anywhere in there
I’m a liar, I’m in a dream
Going my way, nothing to rely on

Oh the dawn is a silent witness
To the blindness of the night
And we see reflexions so clear
And the blush, blush of the morning light
Hmmm time it can pass so slowly
When you face the burden down
The term is not committed
It lingers, lingers without a sound …

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